Larsen italiana  started in 1964 by his founder Mr. Larsen dick Eduard of Swedish origins.


Since then the company has developed and increased its activities in both the Italian and world wide markets.


Larsen Italiana has always been involved in the reconditioning and updating of second hand knitting machines of best brands.


In this production unit of 2500 square meters, the heart of the company,there is a permanent stock of 50/60 knitting machines of different brands, models, gauges and of different years of manufacture, spare parts deposit, tool machines  for the production of mechanical parts  etc…

Skilled technical and electronic engineers are always at costumer disposal for any infos and solutions

Flexible and functional organization


Larsen italiana organization starts from the purchase of second hand machines of the best brands in the world wide market and transported into the main production unit.


Every single machine will be reconditioned as follow:


- reconditioning evaluations


- checking and testing of all electrics and electronic parts and commands of the machine


- checking and testing of all mechanical parts


- changing of all used and worn parts


- knitting tests before despatch possibly with the yarn and design given by costumers


- all technical jobs are done by specialised and skilled technicians and engineers.





  Technical assistance and after sales services of m/s Larsen italiana  is the most reputed unit of the company ; due to the very well furnished spare parts deposit and technicians available everywhere in the world , M/S Larsen italiana can guarantee a technical service within 48 hours